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The final report was submitted to the European Commission in early March, 2016. It will be evaluated in the coming 3-4 months. Some of the documents in this report can be found under Newsletters & Information and Final Report.



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SAMBAH end-of-project conference

on the abundance and distribution of porpoises in the Baltic Sea



8 December, 2014

12:00-13:00   Registration

12:00 Lunch at Vildmarkshotellet

13:00  Welcome and Introduction; Kolmården Zoology director

          Mats Höggren and SAMBAH Project coordinator Mats 

          Amundin, Kolmården Wildlife Park 

13:15  Harbour porpoise ecology and bioacoustics; Mats 

          Amundin, Kolmården Wildlife Park

13:30  The SAMBAH project; Ida Carlén and Julia Carlström,

          AquaBiota Water Research 

14:00  Harbour porpoise populations in the Baltic region; Jonas

          Teilmann, Aarhus University

14:30  Coffee break

15:00  SAMBAH data collection; Daniel Wennerberg, Kolmården

          Wildlife Park

15:20  Statistical methods and results from density estimation;

          Len Thomas, St Andrews University

16:10  Spatial distribution of porpoises in the SAMBAH area; Ida

          Carlén, AquaBiota Water Research

16:45  Implications of SAMBAH results on the management of

          Baltic Sea porpoises; Penina Blankett, Ministry of the

          Environment, Finland

17:05  Wrap-up of day 1; Mats Amundin

17:30  End of day 1

19:00  LIFE – a different dolphin show

20:00  Dinner at Vildmarkshotellet


9 December,2014

8:30   Introduction to day 2

8:35   Threats and how to mitigate them

          Fisheries; Sara Königson, SLU Aqua

          Underwater noise; Jakob Tougaard, Aarhus University

          Habitat destruction and protected areas; Alexander

          Liebschner, Federal Agency for Nature   Conservation

9:35   Discussion on threats and mitigations

9:35   Short intro on structure of group discussions; Ida and Julia

9:40   Get coffee and bring to your tables

         Coffee during discussion in smaller groups

9:45-10:05   1st group discussion 10:05-10:25; 2nd group

         discussion 10:25-10:45; 3rd group discussion

  Fisheries, moderated by Sara Königson, Finn Larsen and Sally


  Shipping and leisure crafts, moderated by Mats Amundin 

         and Jakob Tougaard

  Offshore construction, moderated by Alexander Liebschner

         and Jonas Teilmann

10:50 Break and time for moderators to get their act    


11:00 Reports from discussion groups; group moderators

11:20 National status of harbour porpoise conservation

         Short presentations from national authorities responsible 

         for the implementation of the Habitats Directive

  Sweden - Erland Lettevall, Swedish Agency for Marine and 

         Water Management

  Finland - Penina Blankett, Ministry of the environment, Finland

  Estonia - Liina Vaher, Ministry of the environment, Estonia

  Latvia - Anda Ikauniece, Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology

  Poland - Jakub Milczarek, General Directorate for the

         Environmenal Protection

  Germany - Alexander Liebschner, Federal Agency for Nature


  Denmark – Jonas Teilmann

12:05 Wrap-up of day 2; Penina Blankett, Ida Carlén and Julia


12:20   Closing remarks; Mats Amundin, Kolmården Wildlife Park

12:30   Lunch

If you have any questions on these events please contact

Mats Amundin ( or

Ida Carlén (




Download the conference info as PDF

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